Dedication To Employees

Our commitment to excellence runs deep, it starts from the top and is evident at every level of our organization. This commitment defines the way we interact with our customers as well as our employees.


adjective | adjective: integral | in·te·gral | ˈin(t)əɡrəl,inˈteɡrəl

  1. necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental

Your Role Matters!

As a member of Lasting Impressions you play an integral part of our success and the success of our clients.

Career vs. Job

When we are assembling our team of cleaning professionals we are not assembling jobs we are forging careers. Our compensation programs focus on the complete package of pay, benefits, learning and work environment. We are committed to helping our team members build a career through the experiences we offer at Lasting Impression Services.

Open Positions

Commercial Cleaning Specialist
Required skills: Must have a valid drivers license, be detail oriented, have good communication skills and have the ability to work independently while following directions.PT – shift would be EVENINGS. Hours are M-F. We need someone who is willing to work hard and clean ANYTHING from toilets to offices.

House Keeping Service Partner
Required Skills: Must be a team player. Have a neat, clean appearance, the ability to lift 50lbs, and be able to stand for 3-4 hours at a time. You must be available to work 5:30 pm to 1am, Monday through Friday. This position is physical and duties include but are not limited to dusting, vacuuming, cleaning and stocking restrooms, mopping and taking out trash. Must have reliable transportation. We are looking for someone with a strong work ethic who believes in showing up to work on time and everyday of their scheduled shifts. State background check is required that we will pay for. No experience required. We offer payed training